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Web development in the 21st century is the most basic as well as ultimate requirement for your business. Because :

  • If you are just starting out your business, there is no option but to make it web-first so that you don't stay behind from your competitors. When you are entering an already saturated market, where your competitors are doing well on the web, having your own unique web presence becomes very crucial. And even if you're a player in a new market where competition is less, having a strong web presence only adds to the ease of introducing a new product or service to the customers.
  • If you're an established business, having an online presence will make your existing customers value you more apart from attracting new customers. Even if you're doing well offline, investing in web development for your business will surely turn out to be a good idea in the long run, because having a web presence helps automate many redundant processes that are a headache to maintain offline.

For example, if you have a business that needs to do accounting regularly, then traditional methods of book-keeping will only be a waste of resources and effort, when you can handle all your accounting seamlessly using a web app. Of course there are many ready-made web softwares available in the market for the same, but they may come with a lot of features that might be of no use to your business function, or they might be missing some of the essential features that you need. So, having a web app customized for you is viable both in terms of efficiency and cost, because apart from having all the features you need(and absence of features that are of no use to you), it also saves you the cost of training your human resource for a complex and heavy software.

When you customize a web app according to your business needs, much less cost will be applied in training resources for this app. Because :

  • They will already be involved in the making procedure of the web app, so they would mostly be familiar with all the features.
  • As it will be customized as per your industry and business, it will be less overwhelming than to use a ready made software.
  • A custom web application made for your business will ensure a sense of familiarity and trust for both your employees and clients.

Does it work for all product based industries?

For service based industries, the requirements and structure of a web application are clear. But for product based industries, business owners always have this doubt whether their product will do well in the online market or not.

For some product based industries like Clothing and Groceries, online markets are far more revenue generating than offline markets, there is no doubt there. But for high end lifestyle products like gold jewelry, business owners still consider it risky to go online.

But the truth is whatever your product is: selling it online will only increase your profits in the long run. Because big names and brands in gold jewelry have already been selling online for years, and when you start selling online even for an industry that still does not have a large online market, it will help create an impact that you are an equal to the big brands and pioneers in the industry.

So, all and all having a web application today is the best decision you can take for the future of your business. It will undoubtedly and inevitably turn into a profit generating step for your business in the long run.

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