Magento Migration

Migrating an existing and live Magento application with thousands of users and products can become a headache. But worry not, because we're here to make this transition ultra smooth for you.

Why should I migrate my existing application?

You might have this question when your existing app is live and running smoothly, then why disrupt the flow by migrating to a newer version and add to the production cost?

Because migrating an application actually results in cost reduction. Magento as a framework is improving with every version in terms of efficiency and usability. Migrating to the latest version saves your developers from the loopholes found in previous versions, which directly results in less errors, issues and bugs and lesser production cost.

We have more than 6 years of experience working with all challenges regarding the Magento framework and our expertise makes sure your existing application transitions to the latest Magento version without any Glitches.

Why should you hire us for Magento migration?

No loss of data

Whether you have hundreds of users, or thousands, whether you have been in business for years with a versatility of products or are a newbie focused on a specific segment of products, our expert hands at work means there will be zero loss of data in terms of product catalog or customers. You will retain all the existing functionality without any discrepancies.

Seamless integration

Apart from retaining your data, we also ensure a seamless integration of all modules from the admin panel to ensure consistency between the versions. This is especially vital for all businesses, because some modules from the admin panel are very essential to businesses: such as modules related to payment.

Long term support

We are proud to have many clients who come back to us for their requirements. Having been in industry reliably for the last 6+ years makes sure any future queries or changes that you may have regarding your project will be solved as soon as possible. When you choose to work with us, we ensure not just prompt delivery of your end product but also continuous support regarding your project whenever you need it. Each deliverable product for us is not just a means to earn profit, but we want to make a mark in the industry with our top notch services.

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