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Magento is a revolutionary E-commerce platform that can be used to build simple yet powerful e-commerce web applications. It has a robust integration for all the requirements of an e-commerce application and scaling any application or extending for specific functionality is done seamlessly using Magento extensions.

Whether you are a startup or an established business, Magento is a great choice to get your business online. Whether you are looking to upscale your existing business or looking to generate revenue through online selling, Magento can work as a backbone of your business if used efficiently.

Since its inception, Magento has been a first choice amongst developers as well as product based industries to get their online presence soaring high. It is still the most widely used platform for ecommerce web development.

Here are the advantages of hiring our expert Magento developers and using Magento as the core technology for your web applications.

Backed by a large community

Magento is backed by a large community of developers and customers all over the world. It has emerged as the most used platform for e-commerce web development, which makes it a great choice for your online business. Magento architecture is robustly built and there is also built in SEO support provided.

Scales easily for heavy amounts of traffic

You can easily migrate your existing user and product data to Magento store and it will easily scale to accommodate all your data. Updating and migrating your old Magento store to the latest version can also be done seamlessly, which makes your e-commerce business always occupied with all the latest features.

Ecommerce centric

Unlike many other web frameworks, Magento is built using e-commerce in mind. Apart from having many e-commerce features taken care of like product catalog management, seamless payment integration, it also takes care of high-end features like Internationalization and marketing.

Multiple Store management

Magento provides a single admin panel for multiple stores, which makes it very easy to manage a store even for non-technical people. Suppose your store is in multiple languages for multiple countries, then Magento provides a single admin panel for all the stores in multiple languages.

Open source and Easy to modify

Unlike many other web frameworks like Shopify, modifying code for a Magento web application is easy as the code is open-source. Modifying and tweaking the functionality of an existing store can be done easily by developers, so you can have a website exactly according to your requirements. It is a win-win situation for all, as the framework takes care of the seemingly redundant functions of an e-commerce business such as payment integration, customer management, product catalog and you can focus on your brand image entirely. If you feel that your existing web application framework leaves you focusing more on these primary e-commerce functionalities rather than your core business, Magento might be the ideal choice for you.

Why Hire Us for Magento Development?

So now that you have decided to use Magento for your Business, Why hire us?

With more than 6+ years of experience in Magento development, our Magento developers are expert in creating a robust e-commerce store exactly according to your requirements. We don’t just help you navigate through your requirements, but even after your store is set up, we are always there for any technical assistance that you may require. We have a diverse portfolio of working with many international clients, which you can check out here:

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